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    型号:323A2419P3 MO45
    Water Chemistry 323A2419P3 MO45
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    RAINMAKER Ultra Pure Coolant Purge Pod 

    Water Chemistry 323A2419P3 MO45


    image.png image.png

    Specifications below:

    Deionizer Specification

    1. General

    The application is to maintain the resistance of a closed loop coolant system of 80 gallons at a nominal 7 megohm cm. The coolant is either pure water or a mixture of water and laboratory grade Propylene Glycol. The parallel loop flow rate through the pod is 0.7 gpm and the inlet is at 50 psi. The maximum coolant temperature is 155℉

    2. Tank: Similar in size to RT-818 by Park International Corp.

    Height: 25 inches maximum with fittings.

    Diameter: 8.8 ± 0.1” at the base. Capacity: .45 to .47 cubic feet.

    Material: Fiberglass/ester laminate, thermoplastic liner.

    Weight: 5 pounds empty, 31 pounds dry, 48 pounds wet.

    Pressure rating: 75 psi at 155℉.

    3. Mixed be resin of suitable quality

    Volume: .45 cubic feet or 100% of the available.

    4. None (no carbon filter media).

    image.png image.png

    5. Connections (identify inlet and outlet)

    Inlet: Colder Products Company part number HFCD 108-35

    Outlet: Colder Products Company part number HFCD 248-35


    Who we are

    IZE_industries was established in 2010.With its many years of professional experience, providing advanced manufacturing industries technology and equipment. Including advanced electrical automation, machinery and transmission, fluid control, instrumentation, tools and other products. As a partner in electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic solutions, we also provide our customers with consulting solutions, market knowledge, and value-added services.

    IZE offers everyone its profitable service.  

    What we offer

    Engineering and Consulting

    Full-service controls engineering and consulting solutions for industrial

    manufacturing equipment, including:

    Electrical design

    PLC programming

    Robot programming

    Process optimization

    Down-time consultation

    spare parts from the areas, including:




    Automation technology.

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