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    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-1C0
    关  键  词:MILTONROY LMI DP5000 SERIES DR5000-2B1
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    Introduction to MILTONROY(LMI) PH Controller DP5000 SERIES

    The LIQUITRON DP5000 Series is a dual channel pH Controller providing either relay or proportional pulse outputs to drive chemical metering pumps.  A custom backlit display provides constant information regarding controller conditions with convenient easy to use navigation.

    High and low alarm points, delay and limit timers, and other programmable features make the DP5000 the most adaptive pH controller available.

    MILTONROY(LMI) PH Controller DP5000 SERIES Features

    ?Custom Backlit LCD Display

    ?Temperature Reading

    ?High and Low Set Points

    ?Proportional Pulse or Relay Output both standard

    ?Limit Timers for Each Output

    ?pH Programmable Response Delay

    ?Single and Dual Point Calibration

    ?4-20 mA Output (Option)

    ?0-14 pH Scale

    MILTONROY(LMI) PH Controller DP5000 SERIES Dimensional Drawing


    MILTONROY(LMI) PH Controller DP5000 SERIES Technical Information


    MILTONROY(LMI) PH Controller DP5000 SERIES

    IZE INDUSTRIES special distribution,common spare parts MILTONROY(LMI) PH Controller series product list:

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-1C0

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-2C1

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-2A1

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-2B0

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-2B1

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-2C0

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-1A1

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-1A0

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-1B1

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-2A0

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-1B0

    MILTONROY(LMI) pH Controller DP5000-1C1

    Who we are

    IZE-industries was established in 2010.With its many years of professional experience, providing advanced manufacturing industries technology and equipment. Including advanced electrical automation, machinery and transmission, fluid control, instrumentation, tools and other products. As a partner in electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic solutions, we also provide our customers with consulting solutions, market knowledge, and value-added services.

    What we offer

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